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Globe Hosiery Mills

Manufacturer & Suppliers of all type of Knitted Fabrics

Mr. Rajesh Verma


Welcome to Globe Hosiery Mills

Globe is a universe of innovative & qualitative knitted fabrics where our constant endeavor is to benchmark how technology can be intricately deployed to convert  different yarns into precise Knitted Fabrics based on material, process & application know-how.

Globe has a Fabric making capacity of 1TPD in house and subsiquently links with different kinds of Fabric Manufacturers as well as Dyers and Finishers in Ludhiana.

Globe is leading the transformation in fine knits industry with its generic branding initiative for knitted fabrics. The brand aims at repositioning fine knits as a valuable possession, that is smart and supple.


Latest Development

 Sinker Plating Fabric - Specificly used in Bra Industry for making moulded Bra Cups.

Sinker Plain - In fineguage Knit. Mostly used in Basic T-shirts as well Tops and Lowers(Pajamas).

Thermal- For Warm inners in different Gsms and Designs.

Cozy- It Is a body size course guage single jersey fabric, mostly used for making body warmmers for winters.

Interlock- Raised Night & Inner Wears.


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